Some Papers of Aldo Ursini

Here are dvifiles and psfiles you can download.

1. Aldo Ursini, On subtractive varieties V: congruence modularity and the commutators, Algebra Universalis, 43(2000) 51-78. dvifile psfile

2. Paolo Agliano -Aldo Ursini, On subtractive varieties IV: definability of principal ideals, Algebra Universalis, 38(1997) 355-389 . dvifile psfile

3. Aldo Ursini, Semantical Investigations of Linear Logic, Rapporto Matematico n. 291, UniversitÓ di Siena (1995),(64 pp) . dvifile psfile

4. Aldo Ursini, Petri Nets and Linear Semantics, dvifile psfile

5. Aldo Ursini, Phase Semantics for Noncommutative Linear Logic, dvifile psfile

6. Aldo Ursini, (Boolean Ultrafilters and) Positive Classical Logic, dvifile psfile

7. Aldo Ursini, On Boolean Ultrafilters, dvifile psfile

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